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Repeat After Me: Unity's Create with Code Game Jam

During my quest to relearn Unity, I ran across yet another game jam: Create with Code.

Create with Code Game Jam! - Unity Play
Unity is hosting a 3 day Game Jam. Put your coding skills to the test!
Game Jam Entries

Designed for beginners focusing on the coding skill you have learned so far regarding game development with Unity.

I forgot the theme but it was something like "Modernizing the Classic". Basically it like adding a twist to something retro in order to make it modern. It could be an old game or movie; it could also be an old concept or an icon from the past.

Aside from the theme, they also gave optional diversifiers:

  • Not a game
  • Social Impact
  • Language Independent
  • Sustainability
  • Interactivity Mashup
Create with Code: Game Jam Structure - Unity Learn
This tutorial covers specific information as pertaining to the Create with Code: Game Jam event taking place between October 23rd and October 25th 2020.
Game Jam Structure #6 - Diversifiers

For my game, I decided to recreate the Simon game but instead of having only 4 buttons, I made it 9. I also added a robot that acts like a host. I added a simple animation that makes him look at you when it's your turn to do what Simon said.

As for my diversifier, I chose Language Independent. Aside from the robot's animation, I used common icons like the triangle for the play button. For the score, a number of stars are displayed.

You can try my game here.