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About MathTD

About MathTD
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MathTD is an educational mobile game that I'm currently working on. The idea is to combine tower defense and math flashcards. Well, not a full tower defense but a portion of its mechanics which will be explained in the next section.


You and your enemy will each have a single tower. Both sides will have 2 main goals:

  1. Attack the enemy
  2. Defend your base

In order to attack the enemy base and to defend your own base, you have to summon warriors; think of Age of War but instead of earning money to hire mercenaries, you have to answer math questions.

Asicaso by TriApps.1990
A basic Math game. The mechanics is the same with the flash cards used as a fun way to practice arithmetic.
Feel free to try Asicaso! This is an old game I made that has the math flashcards mechanics.

Every correct answer will summon a warrior that will die for you. To make it a little exciting, every wrong answer will summon an enemy warrior. On top of that, there will be a timer that when it runs out - wait for it - an enemy warrior will spawn.

With these mechanics, players will be encouraged to solve the math problems as fast as possible. At least, that is the plan.

Lose Conditions and Level Progression

I'm planning to make things simple. Warriors will act more like bullets rather than actual warriors having long fights. That means, when opposing warriors hit each other, both will die. If a warrior hits the opposing base, it will die and the base will lose 1 hit point. You lose when your base is out of hit points.

On the other hand, if you manage to deplete the enemy base hit points then you will move on to the next level. For the level progression, I'm simply thinking of increasing the digits of the given numbers. For example, on each level your have to add two numbers randomly chosen between:

I'm also thinking of decreasing the timer duration as the level advances.

Up Next

That's it for now. I have other ideas for my game but I'm still deciding if I will implement it. As I've mentioned earlier, I want this game to be simple so I'm trying to refrain myself from adding too many features.

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